четверг, 19 октября 2017 г.

New haiku

yellowed  leaves
I roam into the way
of butterflies

desert twilight
sharp emptiness
of the approaching storm

autumn colors:
the old dog loses the scent
of its master

another autumn -
scent of the departed
around me

Tuesday-one more
    fallen leaf
Beneath the moon

bare trees...

bare trees...
the quiet passing
of autumn days

воскресенье, 15 октября 2017 г.

the autumn (Foto)

the earth moves –
each time I wake
something new

воскресенье, 8 октября 2017 г.

My garden (foto)

new haiku

street lights
baked pumpkin pie
for dinner

aroma of life
smell of rotten leaves
in the autumn blanket

the aroma of life
is even present in
in rotten leaves

several rose petals
holds the light

autumn rain.
pianoforte exists
by itself

autumn show
for a moment the leaf
follows along

new haiku

October red-yellow
a watercolor palette
on the canvas

birch leaf.
a watercolor palette
of autumn

 waxing moon
I so haven't learned
to forgive himself

full moon
my long shadow
deep silence

autumn's  story -
in each leaf

morning breeze
shake loose the  dew
from roses

silent night
only lonesome sound
of a passing train

a flock of cranes
the irresistible urge to follow
toward south

пятница, 6 октября 2017 г.